Consistently high-performing, TN Volleyball this year has the luxury of two Premier teams after BUCS have included the division in this year’s league format. Both first teams will be looking for a strong showing in these leagues, as will the Men’s 2nds, who after two straight promotions will be looking for Tier 1 glory. They have high standards to meet, but a good chance of meeting them.

Head of Volleyball: David Goodchild

President (Men): Peter Bakare

President (Women): Whitney Phillips 

Number of teams: 2 x Men, 4 x Women

Contact: For further information, please email davidgoodchild@live.co.uk 

Alternatively, contact our student president, Brogan O'Connor at b.oconnor@northumbria.ac.uk 

Latest Fixtures and Results: Visit www.bucs.org.uk and select Northumbria University.

National League - Volleyball

The National Volleyball League (NVL) is the top Volleyball competition in England for Clubs. It consists of four divisions for both men and women. The top NVL division is the Super 8s which was launched in 2010 and replaced Division One as the top league in the country.

The format of the Super 8s comprises of teams participating in a regular season and competing in fourteen rounds of matches followed by a play-off series featuring the top teams in the division, culminating in the Super 8s final held at the National Volleyball Centre in Kettering.

Both male and female Team Northumbria sides are competing in the Super 8’s league. During the 2014-15 season, Team Northumbria won the National League and Cups for both men and women doing the quadruple. The women finished the campaign unbeaten while the men lost only 2 games all season. 

For more information on Volleyball England click here

Men's Super 8's

Goals for 2015/16:

  • Win BUCS Premiership
  • Win BUCS championship
  • Top 2 in the Super 8s
  • Make the NVL cup final

Key Achievements

  • Super 8s play off winners – 2014/15
  • Super 8s play off runners up - 2013/14, 2012/13
  • National Knock out cup winners - 2013/14, 2014-15
  • National Knock out cup Runners-up - 2012/13

Regular season finishes (all Super 8’s)

  • 1st –  2014/15, 2013/14, 2012/13
  • 2nd – 2011/12
  • 5th – 2010/11

Men's Squad

Jersey No. Player Name
1 Peter Bakare (C)
2 Alex Jenkins
3 Liam Jenkinson
6 Ryan Heath
7 Darius Setsoafia
15 Odusseas Adam
8 Fraser Brown
9 Attila Berndt
10 Nathan French
11 Andrew Clayton
6 Daniel Fearnly
4 Nathan Fullerton
12 Matthew White
  Callum Currie
14 Sam Shenton


Women's Super 8's:

Goals for the 2015/16 :

  • To win BUCS Premiership
  • To Win BUCS Championship
  • To win the Super 8s and National Cup final
  • To remain unbeaten

Key Achievements

  • Super 8’s play off Champions – 2014/15, 2013/14, 2012/13, 2011/12
  • National Knock out cup winners – 2014/15, 2013/14, 2012/13

Regular season finishes

  • 1st – 2014/15, 2013/14, 2012/13
  • 3rd – 2011/12
  • Division 1 Runners up - 2010/11 
Women's Squad
Jersey No. Player Name
1 Alex Woolsey
2 Emily Litwin 
2 Magda Ropiak
3 Sam Szarmach
4 Jodie Amor
5 Katie O'Brien
Sophie Keating
7 De-Ann Smith
8 Paige Fullerton
9 Jodie Gregson
10 Christina Dorismond
11 Alex Dickenson
12 Whitney Phillips (C)
14 Maria Georgopolou
15 Kyndra Abron
Coaching Staff:

Head Coach: David Goodchild

Assistant Coach: Ross Enfield

Contact: davidgoodchild@live.co.uk / ross.enfield@hotmail.co.uk

Latest Fixtures and Results:

For latest fixtures and results click here


Every year Team Northumbria awards generous Sport Scholarships to talented athletes studying at Northumbria University.

There are three types of Scholarships available:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze

Volleyball Scholarship Programme

For further information on scholarships please visit Scholarships     


Hall of Fame

Head Coach - Dave Goodchild - 2012 Team GB Volleyball Coach

Whitney Phillips – MVP for UK 2013

Peter Bakare/Nathan French – 2012 Team GB Volleyball Olympian


Women's Volleyball Team 2016

Magda Ropiak


David Goodchild

Head Coach

Audrey Cooper

Assistant Coach

Ross Enfield

Assistant Coach

Paul Welsh

Assistant Coach

Nick Ridgeon

Head of Strength and Conditioning/ Strength and Conditioning Coach

Alice Harkness

Video Analyst

Men's Volleyball Team 2016

Ryan Heath

David Goodchild

Head Coach

Audrey Cooper

Assistant Coach

Ross Enfield

Assistant Coach

Paul Welsh

Assistant Coach

Nick Ridgeon

Head of Strength and Conditioning/ Strength and Conditioning Coach

Alice Harkness

Video Analyst

Team Northumbria Team GB  and Team Northumbria Super 8's athlete Peter Bakare talks Team Northumbria 


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